Patricia has been active in the Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate market for the past twenty years.  As a seasoned property manager, she displayed excellent abilities in Landlord-Tenant relations as well as close attention to details of the financial and maintenance requirements of all the properties she supervised.  Patricia is particularly well informed and cautious regarding liabilities to the Property Owners.  Her experience in Bank REO properties is extensive.  Properties owned by Bankwest and Wells Fargo Bank are among the many she has successfully managed.  In addition to management, Patricia has expertise in Commercial Leasing of all types.


Here commercial background and expertise provides an unparalleled level of professionalism.  Patricia takes advantage of the many opportunities to enhance and update her real estate knowledge by attending courses and seminars offered in Las Vegas and elsewhere.


Patricia is dedicated to the following principles: Providing excellent service, professionalism, building long-term client relationships, and maintaining thorough market and product knowledge.